Marriages licensed in Lancaster County, Nebraska, United States of America

Index of surnames starting with Y

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The marriages from 1987 to 2006 include details.
Yabsley, Christine Ann
... to Yang, Fan

Yang, Jennifer J.
... to Yates, Barbara L.

Yates, Barbara L.
... to Ybarra, Annette I.

Ybarra, Christine Lee
... to Yelkin, Benjamin R.

Yelkin, James W.
... to Yoakum, David Charles

Yoakum, John Martin
... to Yorac, Julieta E.

Yordy, Pamela K.
... to Yost, Larry Dean

Yost, Lynsey Michelle
... to Young, Claire Louise

Young, Claudia Marie
... to Young, Jennifer A.

Young, Jennifer A.
... to Young, Matthew Lee

Young, Max Scott
... to Young, Tami R.

Young, Tammy Jo
... to Youngs, Raymond Frederick

Youngs, Sherrye Marlene
... to Yuskevich, Christian Xavier

Yusoff, Ramlah Abu
... to Yznaga, Sylvia Lola