Marriages licensed in Lancaster County, Nebraska, United States of America

Index of surnames starting with U

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The marriages from 1987 to 2006 include details.
Uaprasert, Rittirong
... to Uhlman, Thomas D.

Uhlmann, James Anders
... to Ulmer, James Harold

Ulmer, Jay Kevin
... to Umphres, Irene B.

Umphres, LeRoy Earl
... to Ungar, Dmitry Sergeyevich

Unger, Aaron Lovelle
... to Upton, Garry Merle

Upton, Jami L.
... to Urbanovsky, Kyler Wayne

Urbanovsky, Mark Richard
... to Urwiler, Jon W.

Urwiler, Julie L.
... to Uzdill, Elizabeth Ann